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“Delivering safer, smarter, compliant and streamlined sterilisation solutions to Medical Devices Industry.”

We established Prism Industrial Controls in June 2000 and together with past experience have been involved in Industrial Sterilization for over 30 years.

Our key service is Consultancy related to Ethylene Oxide Sterilization for the Medical Devices Industry.

Our services and products comply with regulated industry requirements in accordance to American and European standards: ISO–11135 ISO / EN–14937 CE / ATEX directives TA Luft emissions standards SEVESO Food and Drugs Administration – FDA 21 CFR part 820 and part 11

Since PrismIC’s foundation we have formed many strong formal relationships with trusted third party suppliers that also allow us to directly offer to our clients numerous process solutions.

We are very proud of our client list and endeavour to always maintain a strong working relationship through excellent service, professionalism and discretion with all our customers.

Why Preconditioning and Degassing?

Investment v's throughput

Challenges to traditional Degassing methods today

Product degassing (removal of EO from the process, product and product packaging) should be split into three distinct EO level categories:


Removal of EO to ensure the product load is below an explosive level (below LEL).


Removal of EO to ensure the product load does not release EO in working areas bringing levels above permissible personnel working levels.


Prior to use the actual product contains EO levels lower than permissible levels allowed for patient contact.

If we consider additional Degassing in a 3-stage Process it is important that Levels 1 & 2 are met* prior to removal from the Sterilisation Chamber and further degassing is performed in a cell and/or room to attain Level 3 levels.

Item 1: the Lower Explosion Limit (LEL) level is a physical EO level that remains the same but both the personnel working levels and patient contact levels are under scrutiny and are destined to be reduced. These changes are a continuous challenge to traditional atmospheric degassing cell and rooms.

These changes are a continuous challenge to traditional atmospheric degassing cell and rooms

* in some processes, an automated transfer from steriliser to the degassing cell with no personnel interaction together with good extract and ventilation allows for products to move into the degassing cell without meeting item 2.

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