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Control & Process Monitoring

1Control and Monitoring

We have supplied and upgraded numerous Sterilisation process control and interface systems together with supply of independent monitoring systems.

We have the capability to offer a number of PLC options in both control and monitoring applications and typically supply and service Intouch Wonderware SCADA as an interface.

2Process Monitoring

ISO14937 indicates a requirement for cycles to be reviewed and accepted through equipment and sensors not related to the control of the system.

In the past sterilisation processes would be fitted with a chart recorder with independent sensor inputs from the steriliser. The completed cycle chart could be reviewed manually and used as proof of correct cycle operation.

We have supplied numerous automated independent monitoring systems often replacing the chart recorder on older systems. Our automated monitor reviews every recipe selected tolerance against the running cycle giving live alarms on live cycles and archived "reviewed" cycles indicating out of tolerance deviations and overall cycle summary PASS/FAIL data. This removes the manual review element saving time and potential manual error.

Our automated monitor can be easily integrated into an electronic archiving system* or printed as required to meet the clients archiving systems, *in line with 21CFR Part11 compliance

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