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Sterilisation Systems Consultancy & Project Management

Our range of Sterilisation Systems Project Management services include the following:

1Project Management

Prism Industrial Controls Ltd. core business is the design, commissioning and validation of Ethylene Oxide sterilisation systems. We have project managed the installation of numerous world wide Ethylene Oxide plants and have over 30 years experience as a specialist in this field.

PrismIC provides its clients with access to a complete range of project services. This allows the client dependent on project requirements and their own resources to utilise all or a selection of the specialist PrismIC services detailed below.

2User & Technical Specifications

Clients, who have operational developments plans but need assistance in exploring technical options and the production of user and technical specifications, can utilise the experience and skills of PrismIC engineers. Having robust specifications at the outset of a project not only ensures that the original commercial concept/objective is achieved, it also ensures the most innovative and efficient technical solution is obtained.

3Design Services
PrismIC can provide full system design services. These include the production of full technical specifications for plant and equipment, mechanical services, electrical services and control systems. We also have strong partnerships with architectural professionals that can provide structural upgrade and new build designs.
4Procurement of Contracts, Plant and Systems
PrismIC is not only experienced in the procurement of large and complex construction contracts it also has commercial partnerships and supply agencies within the construction, sterilisation and controls industry. We can therefore directly supply to the customer at discounted cost entire engineering and software solutions. However as PrismIC is entirely independent it is not restricted to any supplier, system or control package. This allows us to explore and procure the most efficient solution for client’s individual project requirements.
5Tender Evaluations
With large multi faceted contracts the evaluation of tender bids can be not only be complex but can give the client the opportunity to secure considerable financial savings while reducing the possibility of contractors claiming extra costs during a project. PrismIC’s experience in this field can ensure the client achieves optimum value for money and achievement of full project goals.
6Health & Safety Plans
Health and safety is of the highest priority to PrismIC. Our trained Planning Supervisors produce robust but practical health and safety plans. We also believe that good site management is essential to the efficient and safe running of any project. Our knowledge of the sterilisation industry allows us to understand and minimise all safety and operational issues of undertaking construction schemes in this complex environment.
7Site Management
PrismIC’s commitment to total project management is reflected in our approach to site control. Forging professional and clear communication lines with client and contractor is paramount in achieving an efficient and safe project site. We ensure strict site management and also produce documented site updates as well as the production of all project team minutes and variances.
8CE Marking
As part of our total package we can ensure completed projects obtain full CE marking. Our comprehensive validation procedures ensure CE registration can be obtained without additional onerous documentation and validation.
9ATEX Certification
PrismIC engineers have vast experience in the sterilisation industry and a full understanding of all ATEX requirements. We can therefore ensure ATEX certification is an integral part of our project services.
10Validation Services
PrismIC’s structured and clear approach to total system validation is at the very core of our business. Our belief is that the validation process of any system starts at the design concept stage and is included as an integral part of the project at all stages. The documenting of project aims, design philosophies and engineering principals set out the clear foundations for the validation process. Having this foundation for the validation process allows the testing methodology and verification procedures to be designed and agreed at an early stage of a project thus saving time and money in the final system validation. Our validation documentation and processes are not only designed to ensure compliance with FDA standards, they become a living and working part of any system throughout its operational existence. Although we adopt core industry standard principals to our validation systems we recognise the individual requirements of our clients and their systems. We therefore tailor our approach for each project to ensure the most efficient and long-term benefits are achieved.
11Ongoing Technical & System Support
PrismIC is a company based on forging strong and long lasting commercial partnerships. Once we have ensured any system becomes operational and in production we see this as just the start of our role. PrismIC offers continued technical support in relation to system maintenance, upgrades, production modifications and ongoing validation services. We look to ensure that all our clients have the ongoing access to our knowledge and skills that gives them the peace of mind to focus on their own core activities.

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